A zine featuring art, photos, words, observations

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Issue #20

A Portmanteau In Every Port

New-word submissions

Issue #19

Frye Island, Maine

A summer getaway involving cabins

Issue #18

A Collaborative Collaboration

A Curatorial Issue

Issue #17

Sojourn Diptychs

Photographs of a Recent trip to Quebec

Issue #16

Tuscany, Not Italy. Canterbury, Not England. Baltimore, Not Philly.

Issue #15

Roman Holiday, 1970

Scans from a found book of vacation images

Issue #14

Snippets, Vol. 2

Collages made of clippings from magazines and books

Issue #13


Scans of personal effects

Issue #12

The Jokes Are Still Bad

More of my most over-used situational jokes

Issue #11


Re-constructed poetry from National Geographic magazines

Issue #10

A Mess of Pictures

Out of context scans from parent's photo albums

Issue #9

24 Snippets of Conversation That Took Place In & On My Way To Montreal

Issue #8

The Jokes Are Always Bad

My most over-used situational jokes

Issue #7

How It Feels To Ride A Moped In Baltimore

Unfortunately the moped was stolen after this project

Issue #6

Photo Mosaics

Inspired by David Hockney

Issue #5

Winter Related Items

I'm obsessed with the seasons

Issue #4

A Romp Thru My Subconscious

Miscellany lurking around in my subconscious

Issue #3

Phil's Things

Miscellaneous components of an estate sale box

Issue #2

Our Favorite Phobias

Illustrated examples of humorously obscure phobias

Issue #1

Bahamas Vacation, 1968

Found vacation photos, mixed with wordplay

Made with ♥ in Baltimore